We’re “Hair Today” with Tips from Quintana’s Barbershop

barber at work - in colorThanks for visiting the website for Quintana’s Barbershop where you’ll find hints and tips for healthier hair and more! There are also so many different services offered at today’s barbershops, where they are so much more than just a “cut and a shave.” Don’t be surprised these days to find special “spa days” just for guys complete with the hot towel, pedicures and manicures, and even shoulder massages to relieve the stress of a hectic day at the office. And why should the gals have all the spa nights before a big event like a wedding? You’ll find similar events for guys now at barbershops!

So, here’s a quick tip for all you guys! Many of you wonder if you need to use conditioner. We say yes! And not just because we sell it. Remember that, like your skin, your hair looks healthier when it’s smooth and under control A nice, light conditioner meant for men is just the trick for this!

See you again soon with more tips and resources!